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Does your project need to be in compliance with the New ICC 2015 Building, Envelope Requirement Codes, or Federal Government Requirements for their projects?

C-402.5 Air Leakage, Page C-38, IECC 2015 code book Thermal Envelope (Mandatory) details these requirements.

The VAULT ® was tested to ASTM 2178-13 and surpassed requirements that air permeability cannot be greater than .02 L/SM2 under pressure differential of 0.3 inch water ga (75 PA), by a recognized third party national testing agency. Reports are available by contacting our offices.

This was done in accordance with C402.5.12.1 Materials, Page C-38 in the 2015 Edition of the ICC International Energy Conservation Code.

Our Insulated Curb Extension, (ICE), which was an option, is now a product family of its own: the AWI Series. This allows for the curb itself to be insulated from the outside, minimizing the opening in the roof deck. This allows the contractor to easily insulate the curb, and maintain the insulation integrity of the building envelope.

What does this mean for you, the designer? It means you will not have to depend on the contractor to ensure that the shop built sheet metal box will meet the new criteria! It gives the designer complete assurance that the Vault® enclosure will comply with the building envelope requirements to meet ASTM E-2357-11, the actual test on the building pressure, and the curb to be insulated correctly.

In this video, the VAULT® undergoes a series of wind tests, where it is found to exceed ASTM and FEMA Wind Ratings. As a part of the testing, VAULT® housing models were shown to be resistant to Protocol 1, Hurricane Envelope Protocol missile impacts. In this test, VAULT® housing models withstood a 9 lb. wood 2″x4″ being propelled at 34 mpg (the equivalent of a 140 mph hurricane). Furthermore, the resistance of an 89 mph 9 lb. projectile qualifies both housings for resistance to an ICC-500, 225 mph and FEMA 320/361, 180 mph hurricane shelter.

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