Here are some of the most common questions we've received.

We require a 20 year warranty on all parts of the roof. Do you offer this?

An insured, 20 YEAR WARRANTY is our standard. See our warranty page.

Where has this been installed

The VAULT® has hundreds of units installed. We have furnished Federal, State, public, and private projects all over the USA. You can see a few examples in our installation gallery.

What is the proper curb height?

The VAULT® offers 14” curbs on all units, as standard.  It is important to note that custom sizes are available.  The contractor is responsible for specifying curb height to meet local codes.

Does the The VAULT® provide for counterflashing?

Yes, we provide a bolted, gasketed connection at the top of the curb, and a 3” built in counter flashing receiver to protect it. The counter flashing is added by the coping contractor.

Do you recommend stripped in flanges?

No, stripping would be an inappropriate installation. Our curbs are to be completely roofed in. Stripped in curb flanges do not raise the penetration above the plane of the roof.

How is the VAULT® different from a pitch pan?

Pitch Pans are obsolete.  Our curb is intended to replace pitch pans and wood curbs. Pitch pans can have 5 or 6 pipes coming up through them. Install the VAULT® curb and straighten out the piping inside the unit. Then exit onto the roof. We recommend that the roofer completely roof the curb in as you would a wood curb. When the roofing is rolled over the top of the curb, the VAULT® will act as a termination bar and clamp the leading edge of the roof to the top of the curb. This will prevent high wind rain and bug infiltration.

Do the penetrations need to be supported?

All penetrations should be supported no more than 12” from exiting the housing, and also, below the roof level as near as possible to the bottom of the roof opening.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.

We require roof equipment to be wind rated. Can you comply?

The Vault TM was tested and surpassed requirements set forth by ASTM E1886 and E1996, as well as FEMA 320/361 and ICC-500 (225 MPH).

We do not like the use of PLASTICS on our seals. Do you use plastic?

There is absolutely no plastic on the Vault®.  The seals (aluminum with our exclusive SilX14 Gaskets), contain ZERO plastic.  Regardless if PVC is UV RATED, we do not recommend its use. Because we offer a 20 year warranty, we cannot afford the risk of seal degradation.

Do we need to use Sealants to insure no leaks?

We insist that NO SEALANTS are used on our units. When the VAULT® is used in conjunction with our seals, our ENGINEERED SYSTEM will give the end user years of interrupted service. Thus the 20 year warranty.

How does The VAULT® protect against condensation?

We add R4 insulation to provide a minimal level of protection; however a vapor barrier and additional insulation must be added to meet local requirements.

Does your unit comply with the new ICC 2015 Energy Code Requirements?

All our models are in compliance with the New ICC 2015 Building Envelope Requirement Codes and Federal Government Requirements for their projects. C-402.5 Air Leakage, Page C-38, IECC 2015 code book Thermal Envelope (Mandatory) details these requirements.

The VAULT ® was tested to ASTM 2178-13 and surpassed requirements that air permeability cannot be greater than .02 L/SM2 under pressure differential of 0.3 inch water ga (75 PA), by a recognized third party national testing agency.

This was done in accordance with C402.5.12.1 Materials, Page C-38 in the 2015 Edition of the ICC International Energy Conservation Code. Our Insulated Curb Extension, (ICE), which was an option, is now a product family of its own: the AWI Series. This allows for the curb itself to be insulated from the outside, minimizing the opening in the roof deck. This allows the contractor to easily insulate the curb, and maintain the insulation integrity of the building envelope.

Please know that we would like to provide a product that meets or exceeds our customer’s needs. If you have a standard you would like to see in our product please let us know. Should you decide that you would like to examine our product a sample will be made available upon request.