Introducing the AWI Series

With ICC 2015 compliance for air permeance and insulated curb compliance

Save time & money on your next project. Secure your Roof Penetrations with the unsurpassed protection, reliability & flexibility of The VAULT®.

Wind Resistance & ICC Compliance

VAULT® housing models were shown to be resistant to Protocol 1, Hurricane Envelope Protocol missile impacts. In this test, units withstood a 9 lb. wood 2×4 being propelled at 34 mph (the equivalent of a 140 mph hurricane). Furthermore, the resistance of an 89 mph 9 lb. projectile qualifies units for resistance to an ICC-500, 225 mph and FEMA 320/361, 180 mph hurricane shelter.

The VAULT® is more than just a housing ­­— it’s an innovative lineup of products & options that work together to make your project easy and secure. Pictured here is a Mega VAULT® with the custom ductwork option added.

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Cyclone Products for ICC-500/FEMA 2014 P-361 for 250+ mph Tornado Compliance—Coming Soon!

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NEW ICC-2015 Energy Code Compliant Units Are Here!

You can now download ICC 2015 Compliant CAD drawings »

The Missing Link for Roofing Systems

The VAULT® is a Single, Secure Pathway to the Roof for Pipes, Conduits, Telecommunication Cables, and More.

The VAULTIt’s no secret – roof pathways are one of the weakest parts of the roofing system. Every new penetration adds cost and increases the risk of future leaks. That’s why we created the VAULT®, a “roof penetration housing” that provides a single, secure pathway to the roof for multiple pipes, conduits, telecommunication cables, and more. Our all aluminum assembly is weather-tight, and comes with a 20-year warranty. So you can start saving time and money on your next project. Because “Nothing Protects Like A VAULT®.”

Individual Penetrations Cause Leaks


Individual penetrations and ad-hoc installations create a mess and lead to costly leaks and roof litigation. It’s no wonder 80% of roofing litigation is due to leaks!

The VAULT® Protects Your Penetrations

Roof Penetration Housing - Medium VAULT

The VAULT® provides a single, secure pathway to the roof for multiple pipes, conduits, telecommunication cables, and more. See more examples in our gallery.

Why is the VAULT® the #1 choice for securing roof penetrations?

We’ve engineered the VAULT® to bring you the ultimate in roof pathway protection. Here are just a few reasons that we believe the VAULT® is the right product for your next project:

  • Every VAULT® comes with an insured, 20-year warranty.
  • Every VAULT® housing is engineered with welded powder-coated aluminum. We never use plastic or other cheap materials. Period.
  • With the Wind-Rated option, the VAULT® was tested to exceed ASTM and FEMA Wind Ratings and qualifies for resistance of winds up to 180 mph.
  • The VAULT® was awarded “Best New Product” by a panel of industry experts at the 2013 International Roofing Expo.
  • All of our VAULT Exit Seals™ incorporate the watertight SilX14™ inserts, which are rated for -25°F up to +475°F. They are lightweight, watertight, and easy to install.
  • If you can’t find what you need in our existing line up, just request a custom VAULT® and we’ll work with you to meet your exact needs.

Learn More About VAULT’s Features

Who is the VAULT® for?

The VAULT® isn’t just for MEP. It can be used whenever you need a pathway to the roof. Here are some examples of the types of industries that are using the VAULT®:

  • Solar Energy
  • Satellite
  • Security
  • Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Duct Work
  • Plumbing
  • Refrigeration
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fiber Optic
  • Microwave



See our full range of VAULT® Housing Models and learn which one is right for your project

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Exit Seals™

Exit Seal

Learn more about VAULT Exit Seals™ with SilX14™ inserts and see available models.

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Download CAD drawings, Revit drawing & Spec Sheets for the VAULT®